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Aircraft ModelProduct LineProduct Name
Augusta-Bell 206A-1 & 206B-1Skis L2700-206A Skid Ski
Bell 205A,205A-1,212,412,UH-1H,UH-1N,UH-1VSkis L8500A Skid Ski
Bell 206L (standard gear)- Bell 407 (high skid)Skis L2700-206L/407 Skid Ski
Bell 206L-1, L-3, L-4Skis L2700-206LHS Skid Ski
Bell 206L-1, L-3, L-4Skis L2700-206LHSR Skid Ski
Bell 412 (w/ cutout left & right side)Skis L8500RR Skid Ski
Bell 412 (w/o rescue hoist cutouts)Skis L8500A Skid Ski
Bell 412, 212 (w/ rescue hoist right side)Skis L8500A Skid Ski
Bell 412, 212 (w/ rescue hoist right side)Skis L8500R Skid Ski
Bell 427Skis L2700-427 Skid Ski
Eurocopter AS350B, B1, B2, B3, BA, DSkis L2700-AS350 Skid Ski
Eurocopter AS355E, FSkis L2700-AS350 Skid Ski
Hughes 500D (standard gear)Skis L2700-369D Skid Ski
Hughes 500D, E, F & 530F (extended gear)Skis L2700-369HD Skid Ski
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Airglas, Inc. is a worldwide manufacturer of aircraft landing skis designed for fixed wing, helicopter and, military aircraft. We manufacture cargo pods for aircraft for added load capacity. Our designs are used in over 30 different countries as we are the world leader in aircraft landing skis. We are AS9100 certified.

Airglas, Inc.
4305 Old International Airport Rd.
Anchorage, Alaska 99502

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