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L2700-369D: L2700-369D Skid Ski

Airglas Skis are designed, engineered and carefully constructed for the most rugged Arctic service. Known for years throughout the world for their exceptional performance and dependability as well as low cost. The skis have a clean aerodynamic design making use of some of the latest developments in reinforced plastics - a properly proportioned ski for best weight distribution and shock loads. Static tested to equal or exceed all FAA requirements, the hollow design of fiberglass reinforced plastics allows the skis to absorb extremely high shock loads without damage to skis or aircraft. Designed with a flexible tip and large flat planing area to allow for maximum support, fast planing and quick rise-out in deep snow. Rolled edges allow for greater maneuverability.




Dimensions : 116" x 14" Approx. Area of ski: 940sq in. Weight: 25 lbs C.G. of Ski 3.5" fwd. of forward edge of wheel well


Skid Skis & Attaching Hardware

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Airglas, Inc. is a worldwide manufacturer of aircraft landing skis designed for fixed wing, helicopter and, military aircraft. We manufacture cargo pods for aircraft for added load capacity. Our designs are used in over 30 different countries as we are the world leader in aircraft landing skis. We are AS9100 certified.

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