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LC18H: LC18H Husky Cargo Pod

The LC18H, design specifically for the Aviat Husky, is a great multi use unit which just got a face lift, or a payload lift anyway, with a capacity increase to 169 lbs. The side door measures 28” long and the height slopes from 9” tall in the front to 6” tall in the back. The Rear Door (15” x 7”) allows long items like lumber, guns, or fishing rods to be put in the full length of the pod. 
 The LC18H Cargo pod allows you load whatever you need in the pod and keep it outside your cabin. You can load it with customer’s camp clothes, fish, gas cans, game meat, or all the finest food for your camp and then spray wash it out when you are done.




Specs: Pod Capacity: 169 lb Length: 70.5 in Width: 24.75 in Height: 12.75 in Weight: 27 lbs


STC for Aviat Husky, Custom Flange to Fit Aviat Husky, Stainless Steel Attachment Straps

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